Catering Facilities

Hygiene in the kitchen

The importance of keeping a sanitary work environment in a commercial kitchen is paramount to any catering business as ensuring customers are not subjected to food poisoning is a key priority to any business with a modern catering facility. GCS Supplies work with architects and project managers to specify, supply and install the most appropriate hygiene solution when it comes to walls, floors and ceilings on their kitchen project.

What other materials can be used for kitchen hygiene?

In the past kitchen area’s tended to have ceramic tiles on the walls and floors, however joints with grout, or cracks formed where tiles were damaged offer the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and germs. This simply isn’t acceptable in a modern kitchen adhering to todays heath and safety standards. Some kitchens began to opt for stainless steel finish but in terms of the walls this was applied over the top of tiles in designated areas and can be costly and isn’t suitable for floors, entire walls and joints / seems.

The best solution for a hygienic catering area is kitchen cladding

Hygienic PVC cladding and vinyl flooring offer the most sanitary finish, easy to maintain and most cost efficient solution. There is simply no reason to use outdated alternatives n todays data an age. GCS Supplies offer extremely cost effective solutions for any kitchen cladding or catering installation.