Commercial Facilities

Commercial cladding – a versatile surface solution

In factories PVC cladding for walls and ceilings is more than just a choice based on costs and aesthetics. Many of the factories we fit with GCS Supplies are firms such as; food processing plants, confectionery manufacturers, breweries, drinks manufacturers, industrial dry cleaning facilities, laboratories or abattoirs. These companies are a good fit for what we offer as they all require robust, easy to clean surfaces in areas where the highest hygiene standards must be maintained.

Office cladding?

A less obvious area where we do a lot of work is for office fit outs. Again, an easy to clean and maintain finish saves companies money on the short and long term and good hygiene on the office means less sick time from throughout he spreading of germs. with the latest range of colour cladding and bespoke printed wall cladding we have seen a big uptake in the office area in recent years