Educational Facilities

Nationwide coverage for school cladding and flooring

The education sector accounts for a large part of our customer base. We work with councils, private schools, third party contractors and in collaboration with other trades firms for schools, college and universities all around the UK.

Where abouts is cladding used in schools?

The work often involves re-cladding kitchens and canteen areas plus other high traffic areas including sports facilities and locker rooms where a clean, robust and low maintenance surface is required.

Halls, corridors and classrooms

Before work is undertaken it is obvious to see the punishment the walls are subjected to from data to day. However PVC cladding stands up to the rigours of knocks and bangs with bags far better than plastered walls ever could. Vinyl flooring also stands the test of time much better than the hardest wearing carpet ever could.

Changing rooms and sports halls

Wetrooms and locker rooms require a fully sealed finish, again with a durable material. PVC cladding along with vinyl flooring is perfect for giving the sealed wet room finish required and again is easy to clean at the end of each day.

Kitchen areas

GCS Supplies plan and install lots of kitchen and catering facility environments working for lots of restaurants and hotels so have plenty of experience in this area.