Healthcare & Hospitals

Healthcare & Hospitals

The healthcare sector accounts for a large amount of our work and client base. From the NHS hospitals and doctors surgeries, to care homes, private surgery clinics and vets. Industry leading GCS Supplies welded seems are the perfect fitting method to suit healthcare environments as the seal makes our work one of the most hygienic solutions on the market. Good hygiene in the healthcare sector is crucial to avoid the spread of infectious bacteria and disease such as MRSA.

The working environment plays a huge part in this process as without crevices in surfaces for germs and bacteria to hide they can easily be neutralised and disposed of. A large amount of clinical evidence, obtained from case reports and hospital investigations, shows that there are obvious ties between poor environmental hygiene and the spread of micro organisms causing these infections and disease. With increasing concerns about superbugs such as MRSA in hospitals, it is perhaps unsurprising that GCS Supplies are being asked to fit an increasing amount of antibacterial PVC panels in place of ceramic tiles and other traditional surface installations. GCS Supplies cladding systems go beyond the required guidelines laid down to provide the most comprehensive hygiene standards. Our welded joints are a prime example of where we go above and beyond to ensure our projects are completed to what we call a Platinum Service Level.

What was used before hygienic cladding in hospitals?

Traditionally most hospitals, clinics and laboratories tended to use ceramic tiles for their hygienic surfaces before hospital cladding was introduced. One of the main problems with using ceramic tiles is more to do with the grout between them and finishing rather than the tiles themselves. These areas along with scratched, chipped or cracked tiles are the perfect breeding grounds for bacteria.

The solution is hospital cladding

PVC cladding such as Altro Whiterock or GCS Supplies’s own hygienic PVC cladding range offer the perfect solution. The panels are 100% watertight unlike tiled surfaces, so the bacteria has nowhere to “hide“. The introduction of PVC wall cladding as a solution in hospitals and clinics provides an indispensable layer of protection in the areas that need it most. Not only that but modern product ranges mean that installations can also have a decorative finish to partner the and practicalities. Being impervious, PVC wall cladding panels can be installed practically anywhere. due to the watertight, seamless, wipe clean surface that our system provides. This also means that water can’t seep through to the substrate behind – a problem that can cause structural damage and damp to build up in any building.