Tile Effect wall Panles

Tile Effect wall Panles

Gcs supplies are the supplier of Acrylic / PVC bathroom tile panels and kitchen splashbacks.

The Tile Wall panels are moulded to look and feel like tiles but without the grout. The flat sheet panels give a modern easy clean finish.

Tiny pores in the grout surface mean that bacteria get trapped inside and inevitably turns into mould. Mould is a class 1 health risk and should be removed as soon as possible. Our system offers a grout free tiling alternative and ultimately eliminates the risks and inconvenience of mould.

The Tile affect panels are guaranteed against faulty materials or manufacture for a period of 10-years when installed and maintained in accordance with our manufacturer’s instructions. The Anti-fungal additive in our recommended sealant also provides a lifetime guarantee (subject to their terms and conditions). If cared for the panels will last for many more years and always have the clean look.

The tile panel installation is a simple process ; it's faster and much easier than traditional tiling.

The Wall Panels create 20-40% more insulation than tiles and 35% more than laminate wallboards. The thermal break created by the gap between the panel, the adhesive and the wall, combined with the reduced thermal conductivity of Acrylic compared with tiles means you will significantly reduce the loss of heat from your room. The extra insulation will also reduce your heating bills. The surface is warm to the touch, which reduces condensation and mould within wet areas. We really offer the ultimate eco tiling solution.

All our materials are 100% sourced from British companies and all the recycled material we use comes directly from our recycling plant. Any off-cuts from manufacturing are recycled back into our panels. You can rest assured that you are buying a 100% British quality product from a family run business.